We carry out our work with passion, adopting our clients' concerns as if they were our own, seeking the most effective and practical solution, offering innovative and top-quality services. We maintain a direct, fluid relationship with the client, making every effort to understand their problem, their management model and being proactive to find fast, effective solutions.

Our team is made up of diverse professionals, with experience, training and specialisation in all the areas of law. Professionals who work independently and with the greatest rigour.

We offer our clients transparent, honest advice; paying the greatest respect to ethics and the deontological code of our profession.
Our team is involved, friendly, knowledgeable and available so that we can provide the best services. Clients should be able to have full confidence in their legal team.

We have a firm commitment to our Ethical Code and Professional Deontology.







Civil law

Writing up documents and contracts, out-of-court management of debts, legal claims of all kinds regarding small claims, contractual and extra-contractual liability, evictions, inheritance (declaration of heirs, acceptance of inheritance, wills, etc.).

Commercial and Bankruptcy Law

Advice in all aspects of Commercial Law, company assessment, mercantile contracting, constituting societies, as well as company mergers or restructuring. Data, consumer and user protection. In the bankruptcy area we provide advice on submitting creditor agreements, bankruptcy administration, bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy mediation.


Family and Individual Law

Assessment in matters relating to family and individual law, handling separations, divorces, decrees of nullity, divorce agreements and parental rights, divorce settlements, incapacitation (tutelage, curatorship, legal defender, etc.), documents taken to the Civil Registry, etc.


Urban Law

Assessment in urban planning matters (planning, expropriation, replotting, urban discipline, permits, constituting management boards, management board matters, etc.). Administrative reports on planning modification.

Criminal Law

Legal representation for detainees, defence in criminal procedures, legal appeals and in particular, economic criminal law.



Financial assessment

Finding tenants
Controlling receipt of rental
Rent reviews, CPI increases
Claiming outstanding rent from tenants
Managing tax payments
Control of property expenses
Sale of properties


Technical and maintenance assessment

Setting up the property
Controlling maintenance work
Directing refurbishing work
Immediate handling of incidence and damages
Property conservation management



Accountancy advice, companies’ and professionals’ accountancy, tax payments, handling salaries and registration and termination of work contracts.
Assessment in tax matters, preparing tax declarations and payments, tax sanctions, etc.
Legal assessment and representation before conciliatory bodies and Industrial Tribunals.